Structural Steel Repair

Severe corrosion is commonly referred to as “steel growth” which causes “rust jacking,” or the shifting and displacement of masonry units. When steel corrodes, the steel begins to peel, forming layers that can grow to a thickness of up to 10 times the original volume. The added pressure from this expansion can shift, lift, or “jack” the above masonry vertically, ultimately causing cracking, shifting, lateral movement, and severe structural damage. This extreme movement has the potential to cause catastrophic failure of the wall tie system especially if the ties consist of a brick header course.

Why Masonry Restoration, Inc.?

Corrosion of structural steel is the single largest cause of the need for masonry repairs and is a service in which we excel. Our knowledge of structural steel repair is second to none. Depending on the severity of the corrosion, the steel may need to be replaced. We can replace steel by shoring the surrounding masonry prior to masonry removal. This allows us to remove and replace the steel with little hassle, leaving the surrounding area unharmed. In older buildings, flashings should also be installed, not only to direct water that enters the veneer back to the exterior, but also to protect the steel and slow the rate of corrosion. We can help you catch steel growth at an early stage in order to perform preventative maintenance, which often prevents the need for extensive and costly structural repairs in the future.

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