Sealant Replacement

Sealant is the first line of defense against moisture infiltration within the exterior building envelope. Typical locations include window and door perimeters, control/expansion joins, copings, and settlement cracks or other locations containing movement, as these are the areas that are most vulnerable to moisture.

Why Masonry Restoration, Inc.?

When installed incorrectly or at improper locations, the sealant is detrimental to a structure’s long-term stability. This is because inappropriate applications of sealant can trap moisture, which can cause a multitude of undesirable conditions, including accelerated rates of corrosion in structural steels and accelerated deterioration of mortar and masonry due to extended freezing and thawing while saturated. At Masonry Restoration, Inc. we have experts who ensure not only that the sealant is installed properly in the proper locations, but also that the sealant blends in to its environment, enhancing the aesthetics of your building’s exterior.

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