Parking Structures

Parking structures undergo an incredible amount of stress and experience harsh conditions, such as exposure to saltwater runoff during inclement weather. Preventative maintenance is critical throughout the life of a parking structure to ensure that severe corrosion of its structural steel reinforcement doesn’t occur. This minor, long-term solution is far less costly than more serious repairs to treat “Rust Jacking.”

Why Masonry Restoration, Inc.?

A long-term maintenance plan for your parking structure will prevent surface saturation by shielding the reinforcement steel from corrosive chlorides found in saltwater runoff. Our experts are able to work with a variety of materials that can be applied for protection during construction and routine maintenance. Our many services and capabilities allow us to customize our solution for your parking structure, ensuring that your parking structure always remains in safe condition.


  • Structure wash-down
  • Power-washing
  • Petroleum stain removal
  • Detergent spot washing

Sealant installation/repair at:

  • Cold/construction joints between horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Joints between horizontal concrete/curbs/walls
  • Within settlement/hairline cracks
  • Between concrete spandrel sections
  • Column perimeters
  • Joints contained within the exterior masonry veneer within both vertical/horizontal joints
  • Preformed expansion joint removal & replacement

Concrete patch & repair at:

  • Vertical walls & columns
  • Curbs
  • Horizontal concrete surfaces within poured-in-place, post tension and TT spandrel structures
  • Exterior veneer surfaces
  • Pedestrian walkways and stairs
  • Corroded railing down-tube repair


  • Penetrating sealer applications at all concrete surfaces
  • Pedestrian & vehicular urethane membrane applications at all concrete surfaces

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