Epoxy & Urethane Injections

Thermal expansion and contraction causes movement and settlement within concrete structures. As a result, the concrete cracks, leaving room for water infiltration and damage. Epoxy injections can be used to mechanically bond the substrate at each of the crack, providing stability and extended longevity to the structure. Our injection techniques will bring the performance of the concrete back up to the requirements of the original structural design.

What are Urethane Injections?

Hydro-active urethane grout injections are performed when cracks within the concrete or pre-cast are not structurally sound and are allowing water infiltration. The urethane is injected within these cracks where it expands to form a flexible gasket or multiple plug-in joints. When performed correctly by Masonry Restoration, Inc., urethane injection offers a cost effective option for repairing these cracks, eliminating the need for excavations to repair below-grade exterior walls.

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