Masonry Rebuilding

The main objective of masonry rebuilding is to repair or replace damaged masonry units while restoring the area to a color and quality that appears original to the building. Masonry rebuilding is most often required when there is significant corrosion of the structural steel or when severe deterioration is present – water infiltration being the primary cause of each.

Why Masonry Restoration, Inc.?

Here at Masonry Restoration, Inc., we specialize in masonry rebuilding, using the best combination of restoration and rebuilding techniques to ensure an aesthetically pleasing repair. Often, we are able to salvage existing masonry materials by cleaning and reusing them, saving you money and helping to build up a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing repair. We take the time to analyze your existing masonry’s color and composition, mixing the perfect mortar to seamlessly blend the new with the old. To top off this process, we strike mortar joints to match the original. No one will every know your structure was in need of repair after you choose Masonry Restoration, Inc. to serve your masonry rebuilding needs.

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