Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if my home or building is certified as historic?

You can perform a search on Wisconsin’s Architecture and Historic Inventory (AHI) at

What does eligible work include?

According to the State of Wisconsin, eligible work includes:

  • Work on the exterior of your house, such as roof and/or siding replacement and chimney repairs (not including site work, such as driveways or landscaping)
  • Electrical wiring (not including electrical fixtures)
  • Plumbing (not including plumbing fixtures)
  • Mechanical systems, such as furnaces, air conditioning, and water heaters
  • Structural work, such as jacking up floors and repairing veneers

Is there a maximum amount I can claim as a tax credit?

Yes & No. While there is currently no limit on Federal Tax Credits, the State of Wisconsin has a maximum credit amount of $10,000 per project. However, if you have a large project that will exceed $40,000, we suggest you breaking it down into smaller projects. This will allow you maximize your tax credits.

According to state statues: “Even though one part of the statutes sets a $10,000 maximum credit per project, you are not prohibited by statute from submitting a second or third project… The Wisconsin Department of Revenue recognizes this interpretation as valid.”

How long does the approval process take?

This process can take up to three weeks, but can be expedited under certain conditions.

Do I need to be approved before I start work?

Yes. You must go through the approval process before any work starts.

Applications can be downloaded below:

State of Wisconsin Application for Residential Buildings

Federal Application for Income-Producing Buildings

Where can I find more information on the State of Wisconsin Tax Credit?

For more information, please visit

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